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I am Sue, mum, wife, writer, paleo cook and teacher… and so much more :) This is where I will share with you some of our life. We have wonderful days together, learning and playing; trying to figure out this beautiful world. You want to come along for the ride ? You are very welcome :)
If you want to link to this site, wonderful, but please do not copy or use any images/ content without asking my permission.

You will also get some input from the children, they will have their own dedicated area. coming soon …….

Did I mention the animals ?? Loads of them too. Not sure about their input ? But you never know.

Oh and we HomeSchool our 3 wonderful children, forgot that bit ;)

Affiliates & Sponsorships

I recently began using the Amazon affiliate program, by which I earn a commission, or ‘referral fee’ for all links resulting in purchases from Amazon.com, when you follow one of my links to products on their site.

I see Sponsorship and affiliate programs as a way of me linking you to great products and/or services. I spend a lot of time researching for my homeschooling journey and decided to share this with you. As you know when we choose to homeschool we give up a lot and do not get funding to help with it in any way. But by me carefully selecting great sites and/or products for you I am able to contribute to my family financially. I would not endorse anything I had not fully researched and more importantly think was great.

Having a little income from the site allows me to spend more time researching great educational resources for me and you to use.

The money earned through these links is very small. So it would be great if now and again you could “buy me a coffee”. I hope to take a lot of the strain out of homeschooling for you by doing the research for you, so if you are particularly happy with something or just would like to support me in running this site, then “buy me a coffee” now and again would help massively. Thank you


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