Week Beginnings


DS(5) just checking the solar system is all there :)  we need this for a workshop on Wednesday, guessed the theme yet… you got it “Solar System”



He has also been doing lots of work on his letters recently, as he wants to improve his reading. He really does pick it all up very quickly and just loves learning! This week we have a animal drawing theme to go with his letters so he is very excited about that.

DS(8) yesterday,  did some English, he also got 90% on conquer math module. He is also working on life cycles at the moment. Each year we order our caterpillars to watch, and these should arrive any day now, and this year will compliment the study on life cycles he is already doing. He loves Roald Dahl and is reading (again) the fantastic Mr Fox as he loves it! I have another book coming for him soon, I will let you know when it arrives. He also did some drawings of monkeys.

DD(12) Lots of piano practise she also did lots of music theory. She learnt her “etre” and “avoir” verbs for French and wrote out sentences using them and played some games using them. She did do some chemistry but did get a bit stuck so I will sit with her today and run through it all. She is studying the iGCSE so sometimes the wording is a bit tricky to follow, but she did a good 45mins of it, and I am sure today will resolve the “mental block”. She did lots of reading too!

We had a big cycle ride in the afternoon about 8 miles all together(went to a friends house so the kids could play), so they were tired last night, but DD(8) still had to go to kickboxing :) in the evening.

Ooooo, I nearly forgot as well as a workshop on the solar system we are also doing some MayPole dancing :) , that will be on Wednesday.

Remember Friday I wanted to see some water?!? well look what I found about 30 mins from our house..

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