Time for seeds and the rest of the week

(photos from musical walk….)

Busy busy Tuesday…. so we did complete most of our projects.. cycled to the library and got LOTS of new books. DS(8) had cubs and they don’t finish till 8.15pm so quite late for a 8 year old, and of course the 5 year won’t sleep until he is home… So  most Wednesdays everyone is tired. DS(8) got two badges at cubs, one for cookery and the other martial arts. A few weeks ago he achieved his yellow belt in kickboxing so took it in and showed it off, we didn’t know he would get a badge for it!

Before cubs we all did SQUIT it is a music resource I have found on this ladies blog. A HomeEducating mum in the States. She does other cool stuff with lego and that is how I found her, but is also a music teacher and has put this resource together for free. We love it!

So what better to do when tired ”sow some seeds” :) We have planted, Runner beans, Broad beans, Kale, Carrots, Basil and Sugar pod peas… We already have lots of Salad Leaves growing, 3 big tubs!! and some garlic. Must remember to water them, I always find that helps :) I think I will allocate a child a day to gardening chores!

The boys where making polygon shapes on lego boards, which proved very difficult. And DS(12) was very excited to find out that St Peters Church (practically next to our house) is in the DomesDay book. We have permission from the vicar to film, and just to need sort out the logistics of the key, and she will start making the documentary. But that might not be this week or next, depends on the key.

On Wednesday after we had finished off projects that we had set at the beginning of the week, we went for a nice walk with a friend around a local lake and let the kids play.

Yesterday, DD(12) had a intensive piano and music theory session, as she is now preparing to sit her Grade 3 in December. She is also going to sit Grade 2 singing. DD(12) has decided that she really wants to do some of her iGCSEs now. So we have started Chemistry and ICT, probably also English Lit. With the plan to sit them next year. So after we had worked on them for a bit and the boys had finished their projects we went for a play. There is a musical walk in a woods near us……

In the evening DD(12) started her new Theatre group, she said it was great and really really loved it!

DD(12) will probably want to do some more iGCSE work this morning and the boys have a little more work to finish off this weeks projects, but all in all lots done this week.

This afternoon we are meeting Daddy and hoping to find water ( I have a need to look at water and some boats!)

Then the weekend (yipee!!), mostly to ourselves in the garden, although the kids have badminton and athletics clubs first thing on the Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend……

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