Poly = many


So we will do some more work with polygons today

DS(8) will do this and to be honest I will probably get DD(12) to have quick go to make sure she has really got it!! Same for this one.

There are lots more interactive shape games here, it is good to get a lot of practice. Good explanation here, if you are still struggling to get it! :)

Ok now onto, Polyhedrons (from the Greek: poly = many hedron = face). But before I start a little Language lesson on Poly… Would be rude not to :)

  • The Commonest of them is POLYTECHNIC School, 
  • Poliandry (the custom of having more than one husband at the same time), 
  • polyclinic (a medical Centre where both general doctors & specialists work), 
  • Polygamy ( The custom of having more than one wife at the same time), 
  • polyglot (knowing more than one language), 
  • polygon (a flat shape with more than 4 sides, let hope we know this!), 
  • polymer( a natural / artificial substance having larger molecules).

Other words with the prefix ‘poly’ are:
polyanthus, polycarbonate, polycotton, polyester, polyethylene, polygraph, polyhedron, polymath, , polymerize, polyphony, polymorphous, polyp, polypropylene, polyphony, polysemous, polysemy, polystyrene, polysyllable, polytheism, polythene, polytennel, poly-unsaturated fat, poly urethene, polyvalent etc etc.

I think we have got Poly now, so back to Polyhedrons. I am hoping we will also get time to do a little work on Euler’s Theorem, if not today then tomorrow.

They will all finish up their daffodil work from yesterday.

Mollie is starting her documentary today on our church, probably more of a research day, before filming starts.

DS(5) and DS(8) are going to have a lego shape challenge, more on that later.

We keep “reading logs” on the books they are reading, so we must remember to fill in our reading logs today! DD(12) is reading Ribbajack DD(8) is still loving Beast Quest and DD(5) loves Where is Wally books, and is reading his Biff books. To be honest mine LOVE books and we go to the library every Tuesday and get a PILE of books to read. So they read about 15 books a week! We only note down the main ones as there are too many. Oh, and don’t get me started on the audio books!! so many, a particular favourite is the children of the lamp, so good.

at the park

Our exercise today, will be cycling up to the library later on, so lets hope it doesn’t rain!

Enjoy your day!



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