Crabbing in the sun :)

Well in the UK we are finally having some nice weather. So of course we headed to the beach to lap it up a little.

and we did some crabbing… Have you done it before? Its great fun, although the bait is a bit gross!

We also had a play on the sand, this whole beach was stoney and they have now “made” it sandy :)



Its just so lovely going to the seaside, always makes you feel energised. We went back again as we had such a lovely day.

I thought we might do a “crabby” project this week to follow on from our crabbing fun!

Here are loads of crab and lobster activities, some of them look so cute! My eldest is looking forward to making this bean bag crab, its adorable and I have lots of split peas to use up, so perfect for the filling.

C is for crab – for little ones to colour and another here

Crab on-line jigsaw and a easy wordsearch

Crab anatomy worksheet

My daughter is then going to finish off with this

Happy Crabbing! :)


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