The 3 S’s – 2012-08-10

Science – Curiosity Mars Landing

You can learn all you need to learn about “curiosity” here, its a great website. Send curiosity a message, learn exactly how it works, read from the scientists diaries ! It is a really cool site. There is a interactive part too, where you can explore mars, my kids where on here for hours.

Of course you will now have to learn about mars in more detail. Kids Astronomy has some great facts and is a very good website. Another NASA website with some great interactive facts and games. Here are some really good Mars worksheets. This creating craters activity is fun too ! Also they have for the older children, a “making you own ISS” activity. On that note we were in the garden last night hoping to see some meteor showers, we didnt, but we did just by chance see the ISS going right over us, very very bright. If you want to know where it is, so you can see it too, go to, put in your location and then you can see where you need to look and when.

Annie over at Bird and little Bird, has a wonderful “alka seltzer rocket” in her Summer Science special of Alphabet Glue, she also has some great book recommendations. My 5 year old loved the rockets ( well we all did actually !), and the books :)

Here are some “space” decorations to make and decorate.

Social Science – Computers, where it all began

I know none of us want our children stuck behind computers all the time. Oh, yes there is a  BUT coming ;) But, you also need to be sure they have a good grounding and basic knowledge of them. I think a great way to do this is to teach them about the history of them, how it all started and why.

I was going to give you a big list of resources here so you can teach your children about the history of computers. You know what I found? The people at CERT had already done it! So lets save ourselves all that time and effort and go over to there:) Here is a fantastic list of resources, personally I think its important for us all to have a good understanding of the history behind computers. I also think that learning to make computers work and not just being taught how to be a user of computers is a important skill too, but we have a whole lot to come on that subject!

Seasonal – Swimming

Its great weather at the moment (well most of the time!). So lots of us will be swimming. Make sure you kids know how to keep safe. Just go over it again with them, you probably did this already when they were younger. But go over it again just to be sure, they know and really understand how to be safe in the water. Go here for some great tips.

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