My daughter has real talent for just looking at something, and then being able to replicate it. I think this dress she has made for her doll is just brilliant, bearing in mind she is just 11 and never done this before.

I always find it amazing how well kids do when they apply themselves. If they are interested in something and you just let them get on with it, normally they do an amazing job. They have such strength of character just to get on with it. I guess as they are home-schooled, they have more time to do the things they really enjoy. And most home-schooled children I have met want to succeed, they are determined types.

Today we have a new run arriving as we need more “run around” space for our new little pets. So once that arrives we will need to put it together.

And lots of gardening to do, which is always difficult in our country as it rains a lot, and you have to keep running in out, trying to avoid the showers.

We have also been out to the park, it was a little wet :)


That is rain hitting the river !!!

So we went home …

Also the Olympics, goodness me I love it! I just get so into it every-time I start watching in. For such a small country we are doing so well !!! We were thinking of trying to get up to London next week and watch some of it, but its very hard to use the ticket website, and the whole process very frustrating, especially when you see so many empty seats! So we will have to see, but what a great experience that would be. For now we will just carry on with our Olympic project.

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