Busy Thursday

not busy with fun stuff (well not this morning), but busy nonetheless.

Had grown up stuff to do this morning so my dad had the children, and they just played most of the time.

We did manage to have some fun in the garden

and we popped to the forest for a walk and play this afternoon

And we went to the library to review our books and get some more out :) The kids are doing a summer reading challenge. They do it every year and love it as they get stickers and a medal on completion. They love reading so its very easy for them

We had a tiny little visitor this morning… “Err, where?”, I hear you say. Well if you look REALLY closely on the corner of the guinea pig run, you will see a tiny baby bird :) it was so cute, really tiny and still fluffy :)

And we are now making dolls clothes to relax before bed :)

We got another good book, dragon boy !! Dylan and Kai are loving it! it’s so good.

So for me tonight will it be, erhh, patchwork or knitting? Cant decide? (my secret pleasures while the kids sleep, shhhhhh, dont tell them !)


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One thought on “Busy Thursday

  1. What a lovely day you had! My girls and I always seem to forget the library reading scheme, we get so busy. Perhaps next year one of us will remember :) x

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