Olympics 2012

We will be starting some Olympic work today ( as well as the African project!)

We have found some great resources at currclick these are the main ones we will use over the next few days:


Olympic Pack - Interactive

Oylmpic Maths – year 5 – 6 ( grade 4 – 5)

Lots of great free resources here

We are also filling in the The Times Olympic scrapbook

Here you will find the BBCs Olympic TV schedule for the UK – So today is Archery :)

Enjoy …

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5 thoughts on “Olympics 2012

    • Hi Helen,
      Glad you found me :) We are loving the Olympics at the mo, I hope you have a great time Wednesday, very jealous :)
      Love to you all Sue x

    • Oooo and I forgot to say we have been using studyladder for a while now. We love it ! I am hoping to get a link to their site from ours soon :) But thank you for reminding me to look there too :) .. So lovely sheets.

      Sue x

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