Africa Project – begins

we went to Africa Alive yesterday as part of our Africa project.

highlight of the day was a 10 day old zebra, awwwww

So carrying on with the project for the next few days …

review several of the animals we met yesterday, our 8 year old will work through these fab worksheets, as he decided he wanted to study the African Elephant.

my youngest will be using this zebra colouring  page with writing practise

some more colouring and zebra facts here

lion wordsearch

unscramble words about lions

a little bit of easy sudoku 

We saw a african tribal dance yesterday, and will be using this book to study the culture and make our own masks. This will also help us.

My little one will be looking at the beautiful book

With my oldest will be study this wonderful book, and recreating her own art. The book is so lovely, very inspiring and gives a great depth and understanding to this beautiful art work.

After all this wonderful creative work, the first country in Africa we will learn about will be Malawi. We sponsor a child through Christian Aid who lives in Malawi. She is a very pretty little girl called Esnart, she is now about 10 years old. The money we give helps her and her family to live a more comfortable life and receive a good education. We have sponsored her now for about 5 years and feel very much part of her life.

Malawi… We are using this great pack from CurrClick. It is so much fun we are really enjoying it. The theme of the pack is that you are working for the UN and have a mission to find certain information out about various countries. This pack is specifically for Malawi.

Chi Wara head crests – this is quite a long project but very interesting

After Malawi my eldest will move onto Egypt with this workbook, and this on Cairo.

Flag of Egypt

Quite a tricky crossword here on African capitals and countries.

Here is a great children’s book list – books about Africa

and some maths and science starting here. My eldest will use this graph to record some information about her favourite Savannah animals.

sorting data with this african fruit pictogram from TES

a math story we used with the 8 year old

counting in African Languages and much more here - Raffia Cloth

some fun and fascinating African board games to make and play

Also a couple of online games: here animals of Africa and also here geography of Africa

Anyway thats it for now hope you enjoy this project and I will update you with some more soon. Any feedback would be great.



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3 thoughts on “Africa Project – begins

  1. Thanks for this, it’s really awesome. Love all the links you’ve provided and I’ll be sure to try these with my two. Looking forward to the African boaerd games.

  2. This is timely for me as before we left we were working our way through Africa so having all these great links in one place really helps!. ;) xxxx

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