Crabbing in the sun :)

Well in the UK we are finally having some nice weather. So of course we headed to the beach to lap it up a little.

and we did some crabbing… Have you done it before? Its great fun, although the bait is a bit gross!

We also had a play on the sand, this whole beach was stoney and they have now “made” it sandy :)



Its just so lovely going to the seaside, always makes you feel energised. We went back again as we had such a lovely day.

I thought we might do a “crabby” project this week to follow on from our crabbing fun!

Here are loads of crab and lobster activities, some of them look so cute! My eldest is looking forward to making this bean bag crab, its adorable and I have lots of split peas to use up, so perfect for the filling.

C is for crab – for little ones to colour and another here

Crab on-line jigsaw and a easy wordsearch

Crab anatomy worksheet

My daughter is then going to finish off with this

Happy Crabbing! :)



Renaissance – Joan of Arc

We have just started an enormous block of work on the renaissance.

We are starting with Joan of Arc.(Although the Renaissance came much later, Joan of Arc’s actions created a “rebirth” of France. She helped bring France out of the Dark Ages and become more civilised.)

TES Worksheet found here

A beautiful presentation of the story here, and lots of other stories too.

We have ordered this book and this book from Amazon


Joan of Arc activity book

The story for younger readers

We will write up on some notebooking pages, if you dont want to pay for these you can easily make them up yourself!

Using this site we will research Joan of Arc thoroughly, all aspects of her life, followed by some writing to sum up what we have learnt, and what areas we thought were most interesting and/or inspiring.

Look out for , Renaissance “Religious Movements”, coming soon


The 3 S’s – 2012-08-10

Science – Curiosity Mars Landing

You can learn all you need to learn about “curiosity” here, its a great website. Send curiosity a message, learn exactly how it works, read from the scientists diaries ! It is a really cool site. There is a interactive part too, where you can explore mars, my kids where on here for hours.

Of course you will now have to learn about mars in more detail. Kids Astronomy has some great facts and is a very good website. Another NASA website with some great interactive facts and games. Here are some really good Mars worksheets. This creating craters activity is fun too ! Also they have for the older children, a “making you own ISS” activity. On that note we were in the garden last night hoping to see some meteor showers, we didnt, but we did just by chance see the ISS going right over us, very very bright. If you want to know where it is, so you can see it too, go to, put in your location and then you can see where you need to look and when.

Annie over at Bird and little Bird, has a wonderful “alka seltzer rocket” in her Summer Science special of Alphabet Glue, she also has some great book recommendations. My 5 year old loved the rockets ( well we all did actually !), and the books :)

Here are some “space” decorations to make and decorate.

Social Science – Computers, where it all began

I know none of us want our children stuck behind computers all the time. Oh, yes there is a  BUT coming ;) But, you also need to be sure they have a good grounding and basic knowledge of them. I think a great way to do this is to teach them about the history of them, how it all started and why.

I was going to give you a big list of resources here so you can teach your children about the history of computers. You know what I found? The people at CERT had already done it! So lets save ourselves all that time and effort and go over to there:) Here is a fantastic list of resources, personally I think its important for us all to have a good understanding of the history behind computers. I also think that learning to make computers work and not just being taught how to be a user of computers is a important skill too, but we have a whole lot to come on that subject!

Seasonal – Swimming

Its great weather at the moment (well most of the time!). So lots of us will be swimming. Make sure you kids know how to keep safe. Just go over it again with them, you probably did this already when they were younger. But go over it again just to be sure, they know and really understand how to be safe in the water. Go here for some great tips.


Animals from around the World – Part One

At the weekend we went to the zoo, so we have put together the start of a animal project, for us all to enjoy !

Hope you have fun :) … lots more animals coming “hopefully” tomorrow …( Phew, what a week I will update you soon to what we have been up to!)

Great Grey Owl  – Learn about owls here, this is a lovely book for younger ones and so is this, another one here for older readers, colouring pages, wonderful owl crafts, lots of cool owl stuff here, loads of resources here for older children

Howler Monkeys - interactive facts here, colouring in page, on-line worksheet here, our favourite monkey story book, so cute ( keeping for grandchildren book).

African spoon bill - this is a great book on southern African animals, fantastic photos and insightful information also I love this, really great ! a set of lesson plans around “unusual beak physique” (thats funny… isn’t it ?) what a great fun idea for a project


Look out for the next 3 animals coming soon … Ooo there is a Scarlet Ibis in that lesson plan too, and we saw one of them as well.




My daughter has real talent for just looking at something, and then being able to replicate it. I think this dress she has made for her doll is just brilliant, bearing in mind she is just 11 and never done this before.

I always find it amazing how well kids do when they apply themselves. If they are interested in something and you just let them get on with it, normally they do an amazing job. They have such strength of character just to get on with it. I guess as they are home-schooled, they have more time to do the things they really enjoy. And most home-schooled children I have met want to succeed, they are determined types.

Today we have a new run arriving as we need more “run around” space for our new little pets. So once that arrives we will need to put it together.

And lots of gardening to do, which is always difficult in our country as it rains a lot, and you have to keep running in out, trying to avoid the showers.

We have also been out to the park, it was a little wet :)


That is rain hitting the river !!!

So we went home …

Also the Olympics, goodness me I love it! I just get so into it every-time I start watching in. For such a small country we are doing so well !!! We were thinking of trying to get up to London next week and watch some of it, but its very hard to use the ticket website, and the whole process very frustrating, especially when you see so many empty seats! So we will have to see, but what a great experience that would be. For now we will just carry on with our Olympic project.


Busy Thursday

not busy with fun stuff (well not this morning), but busy nonetheless.

Had grown up stuff to do this morning so my dad had the children, and they just played most of the time.

We did manage to have some fun in the garden

and we popped to the forest for a walk and play this afternoon

And we went to the library to review our books and get some more out :) The kids are doing a summer reading challenge. They do it every year and love it as they get stickers and a medal on completion. They love reading so its very easy for them

We had a tiny little visitor this morning… “Err, where?”, I hear you say. Well if you look REALLY closely on the corner of the guinea pig run, you will see a tiny baby bird :) it was so cute, really tiny and still fluffy :)

And we are now making dolls clothes to relax before bed :)

We got another good book, dragon boy !! Dylan and Kai are loving it! it’s so good.

So for me tonight will it be, erhh, patchwork or knitting? Cant decide? (my secret pleasures while the kids sleep, shhhhhh, dont tell them !)



this and that – Welcome August

So today we finished off our Jellyfish project


we did some more of our African project, phew! there is a lot of work to do here. My daughter is really enjoying african art, this book in particular is really excellent.

We did a lot of reading and relaxing trying to help my middle son over his bad tummy :( hopefully the worst is over now.

Some playing in the garden 

We went to the park just before tea so we could get some fresh air, as we have been at home all day. One of my sons loves football and has just joined a team, so we are helping to coach him :) , well I think thats what we are doing, he is pretty good already! They had great fun and some contests on the swings, so all had a good appetite when we returned.

Now for a nice lazy evening,


Breakfast with guineas

Croissants (gluten free !) in the guinea pig garden.. Don’t worry daddy we saved you some!

These are our guinea pigs Poppy (dad, yes yes, was a boy not a girl !), Jasmine (mum) and Lily (baby)… Oh and a boys foot :)

Here are our new arrivals, Ash (dad to be) and Blossom ( mum to be).

They are all so cute, and seem to be doing well. We are about to do some more of our Africa Project and finish up the jellyfish project. Busy busy …




The 3 Ss – 2012-08-01


Oh its easy and its fun. We often do experiments from “science bob” and love them all. Watch the water change colour suddenly, kids love it.

If you have time you could follow up with a little work on the IODINE CLOCK REACTION and for older childeren there are some experiment worksheets here (it’s free to sign up to TES)

image via Wikipedia

Social Science

On this day – 10BC Claudius, Roman Emperor was born.

Read about him

Write about him – Ancient Roman writing page for you to fill in.

Learn more about the Romans – interactive BBC site, information and games.

Colour – there some wonderful colouring in sheets here

Roman Numerals worksheets/notebooking

Want more? do a whole project on Ancient Rome – start here with this great lapbook from - we do love our lapbooking – do you?



Easy as riding a bike? Is it? Make sure you and your kids really know what is involved with riding a bike safely this summer. Here are some tips to help you.

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