Painted Ladies – Butterflies

Wow – We have had such a great experience. I know lots of other have done this.


But experiencing the life cycle of Butterfiles is truly amazing for parent and child. I certainly enjoyed it as much as they did ☺ .





We released them into the garden yesterday, we were trying to wait for it to stop raining, which many of you in the UK will know that is a tough call ! But we dare not keep them any longer, they had been butterfiles for 2 days so the advice given,was that they should be released. We waited for a gap in the rain and let them go. You know, we released 4 and the children were so thrilled to find there are still two fluttering around our garden today.


outside of wings


We bought this great book, which really helped the younger ones understand what was happening ( and me ;) ). But my eldest did a whole project on it and just loved it.

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