Animals from around the World – Part One

At the weekend we went to the zoo, so we have put together the start of a animal project, for us all to enjoy !

Hope you have fun :) … lots more animals coming “hopefully” tomorrow …( Phew, what a week I will update you soon to what we have been up to!)

Great Grey Owl  – Learn about owls here, this is a lovely book for younger ones and so is this, another one here for older readers, colouring pages, wonderful owl crafts, lots of cool owl stuff here, loads of resources here for older children

Howler Monkeys - interactive facts here, colouring in page, on-line worksheet here, our favourite monkey story book, so cute ( keeping for grandchildren book).

African spoon bill - this is a great book on southern African animals, fantastic photos and insightful information also I love this, really great ! a set of lesson plans around “unusual beak physique” (thats funny… isn’t it ?) what a great fun idea for a project


Look out for the next 3 animals coming soon … Ooo there is a Scarlet Ibis in that lesson plan too, and we saw one of them as well.



Busy Thursday

not busy with fun stuff (well not this morning), but busy nonetheless.

Had grown up stuff to do this morning so my dad had the children, and they just played most of the time.

We did manage to have some fun in the garden

and we popped to the forest for a walk and play this afternoon

And we went to the library to review our books and get some more out :) The kids are doing a summer reading challenge. They do it every year and love it as they get stickers and a medal on completion. They love reading so its very easy for them

We had a tiny little visitor this morning… “Err, where?”, I hear you say. Well if you look REALLY closely on the corner of the guinea pig run, you will see a tiny baby bird :) it was so cute, really tiny and still fluffy :)

And we are now making dolls clothes to relax before bed :)

We got another good book, dragon boy !! Dylan and Kai are loving it! it’s so good.

So for me tonight will it be, erhh, patchwork or knitting? Cant decide? (my secret pleasures while the kids sleep, shhhhhh, dont tell them !)



the beach again … – Sculptures

lots of information about Aldeburgh here, have a look on there, for the information about the scallop sculture.

The creator was Maggi Hambling, she has designed some wonderful sculptures, all with their own little twist.

this is a wonderful website for kids, all about different and unusual aspects of art. I have linked to a activity on soap sculpting.

for the younger ones simple play dough modelling might be easier. Some ideas here

we also love doing wax modelling , just feels so lovely in your hands

I am sure the clay will be out soon too !

We also love to do junk modelling and we use this site a lot for ideas



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