this and that – Welcome August

So today we finished off our Jellyfish project


we did some more of our African project, phew! there is a lot of work to do here. My daughter is really enjoying african art, this book in particular is really excellent.

We did a lot of reading and relaxing trying to help my middle son over his bad tummy :( hopefully the worst is over now.

Some playing in the garden 

We went to the park just before tea so we could get some fresh air, as we have been at home all day. One of my sons loves football and has just joined a team, so we are helping to coach him :) , well I think thats what we are doing, he is pretty good already! They had great fun and some contests on the swings, so all had a good appetite when we returned.

Now for a nice lazy evening,


Breakfast with guineas

Croissants (gluten free !) in the guinea pig garden.. Don’t worry daddy we saved you some!

These are our guinea pigs Poppy (dad, yes yes, was a boy not a girl !), Jasmine (mum) and Lily (baby)… Oh and a boys foot :)

Here are our new arrivals, Ash (dad to be) and Blossom ( mum to be).

They are all so cute, and seem to be doing well. We are about to do some more of our Africa Project and finish up the jellyfish project. Busy busy …




Goldbach’s conjecture

Heard of it ??

This morning I have been reading about this in my emails, I often recieve maths/science  emails from CSIRO always interesting.

Anyway, quote from email :

In 1742, a mathematician named Christian Goldbach wrote a letter to his friend Leonhard Euler. In the letter, he discussed something he thought was true, but couldn’t prove. The statement was quite simple: every even number can be written as the sum of two primes. Leonhard wrote back saying that although he also couldn’t prove it, he too believed it was true.

The statement is now known as Goldbach’s conjecture. Mathematicians have been working on the question ever since, but they still don’t have an answer. However, many mathematicians have found answers to easier versions of the question.

One way of checking the conjecture is to start with small numbers and work your way up. Computers have made this task easier and now all the numbers less than 4 000 000 000 000 000 000 have been checked.

Another way of attacking the problem is looking at big numbers. Mathematicians working on Goldbach’s conjecture proved all really big odd numbers could be written as a sum of three prime numbers. However, the numbers they were talking about were really big – originally about seven million digits!

A third way of looking at the problem is to use more primes in the sum. In the 1930s, mathematicians proved every number could be written as the sum of at most 300 000 primes. This is a long way away from two primes, but it was a start.

Earlier this year, Australian-born mathematician Terry Tao published a proof about the Goldbach conjecture. Terry’s proof showed all odd numbers could be written as the sum of five or fewer primes.

Terry’s result is impressive and is getting closer to a proof of Goldbach’s conjecture. However, there is still a lot more maths to be done!

Thats one way to spend a rainy day :)


Olympics 2012

We will be starting some Olympic work today ( as well as the African project!)

We have found some great resources at currclick these are the main ones we will use over the next few days:


Olympic Pack - Interactive

Oylmpic Maths – year 5 – 6 ( grade 4 – 5)

Lots of great free resources here

We are also filling in the The Times Olympic scrapbook

Here you will find the BBCs Olympic TV schedule for the UK – So today is Archery :)

Enjoy …


Africa Project – begins

we went to Africa Alive yesterday as part of our Africa project.

highlight of the day was a 10 day old zebra, awwwww

So carrying on with the project for the next few days …

review several of the animals we met yesterday, our 8 year old will work through these fab worksheets, as he decided he wanted to study the African Elephant.

my youngest will be using this zebra colouring  page with writing practise

some more colouring and zebra facts here

lion wordsearch

unscramble words about lions

a little bit of easy sudoku 

We saw a african tribal dance yesterday, and will be using this book to study the culture and make our own masks. This will also help us.

My little one will be looking at the beautiful book

With my oldest will be study this wonderful book, and recreating her own art. The book is so lovely, very inspiring and gives a great depth and understanding to this beautiful art work.

After all this wonderful creative work, the first country in Africa we will learn about will be Malawi. We sponsor a child through Christian Aid who lives in Malawi. She is a very pretty little girl called Esnart, she is now about 10 years old. The money we give helps her and her family to live a more comfortable life and receive a good education. We have sponsored her now for about 5 years and feel very much part of her life.

Malawi… We are using this great pack from CurrClick. It is so much fun we are really enjoying it. The theme of the pack is that you are working for the UN and have a mission to find certain information out about various countries. This pack is specifically for Malawi.

Chi Wara head crests – this is quite a long project but very interesting

After Malawi my eldest will move onto Egypt with this workbook, and this on Cairo.

Flag of Egypt

Quite a tricky crossword here on African capitals and countries.

Here is a great children’s book list – books about Africa

and some maths and science starting here. My eldest will use this graph to record some information about her favourite Savannah animals.

sorting data with this african fruit pictogram from TES

a math story we used with the 8 year old

counting in African Languages and much more here - Raffia Cloth

some fun and fascinating African board games to make and play

Also a couple of online games: here animals of Africa and also here geography of Africa

Anyway thats it for now hope you enjoy this project and I will update you with some more soon. Any feedback would be great.




Sun, Sand and Fish and Chips :)

What a beautiful day… They played happily for hours

No need for anything really, I just watched them happily play.

Tide did come in fast

But they found this Pipe fish. Head of a seahorse body of small snake.

And this is a jellyfish. I know you have to be carful but it was beautiful to see up close and observe. It may well trigger a small jellyfish project.

They released them all safely back into the sea, just in time for fish and chips :)

We did archery in the evening with scouts. We do this every year in the summer, its great fun, they allow all the family to join in. So can get quite competitive.

A perfect summers day.



ok it was raining – but still fun

They always moan, we dont want to go out in the rain. But when it comes down to it, it doesn’t seem to matter whether it is raining or sunny; they always have a great time and find things to do.







One wet dog nervous of slippery logs …

King of the castle

We always have great fun when we go out. Even if we are having a “bad” day its always much better when we get some air.

We found this beautiful fungus

Can you see the wild strawberry bushes growing next to it ?

I really didn’t expect that we would need hot chocolate in July ?! but we did, I had the little stove in the boot of the car. So we all huddled up and warmed up a bit before a little more play and then home to dry off.


Getting Ready – For What ?!?!?

What could we be getting ready for I wonder …. ??? Hmmmmm



What could it be ..

Do you know ?

I bet you dont





Well …

This might help ☺

This is Apollo and he might be coming to live with us; with his wife ( name not yet known). We already have 3 guinea pigs but would like to breed some more. We have taken advice from an experienced breeder as it’s a tricky process. We have done it once before but that was by accident and we were just lucky.


So everyone is excited. They are all living in the porch, that is the guinea pigs not the children. As the weather has been too wet to put them out in their hutches. But they do go out in the their runs each day, even though they often look at you ” please let me stay in the warm” and I have to explain its July little “squeaker” you need to go out and have some exercise and fresh air.

Mollie is preparing a whole “guinea pig garden” so they are going to have their hutches in their own posh garden… spoilt little things.

The kids absolutely love these Olga Da Polga Books by the author of paddington bear Micheal Bond, they are so funny. We really love reading them as we enjoy them too.

Anyway we will keep you posted about our new arrivals.



Painted Ladies – Butterflies

Wow – We have had such a great experience. I know lots of other have done this.


But experiencing the life cycle of Butterfiles is truly amazing for parent and child. I certainly enjoyed it as much as they did ☺ .





We released them into the garden yesterday, we were trying to wait for it to stop raining, which many of you in the UK will know that is a tough call ! But we dare not keep them any longer, they had been butterfiles for 2 days so the advice given,was that they should be released. We waited for a gap in the rain and let them go. You know, we released 4 and the children were so thrilled to find there are still two fluttering around our garden today.


outside of wings


We bought this great book, which really helped the younger ones understand what was happening ( and me ;) ). But my eldest did a whole project on it and just loved it.

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