Arty day, with a sprinkling of pirates and circuits ;)


we are snuggled up indoors today as it is cold and windy and wet out there, Dyl worked on his Pirate lapbook, it is coming on nicely.. K is doing the letter “S” today and writing/drawing and colouring about “S” words.. and Mol has done lots of history, learning about when Scotland became part of the UK, in science she was learning about gases and then circuits.. she started some Pop Art on Marilyn and they are all now painting.. They have also been watching the Christmas lectures, they sooo cool :)  .. we have lots of reading going on at the moment, and I am reading to the boys LHOP “Long Winter“. what have you been up to today?


Week Beginnings


DS(5) just checking the solar system is all there :)  we need this for a workshop on Wednesday, guessed the theme yet… you got it “Solar System”



He has also been doing lots of work on his letters recently, as he wants to improve his reading. He really does pick it all up very quickly and just loves learning! This week we have a animal drawing theme to go with his letters so he is very excited about that.

DS(8) yesterday,  did some English, he also got 90% on conquer math module. He is also working on life cycles at the moment. Each year we order our caterpillars to watch, and these should arrive any day now, and this year will compliment the study on life cycles he is already doing. He loves Roald Dahl and is reading (again) the fantastic Mr Fox as he loves it! I have another book coming for him soon, I will let you know when it arrives. He also did some drawings of monkeys.

DD(12) Lots of piano practise she also did lots of music theory. She learnt her “etre” and “avoir” verbs for French and wrote out sentences using them and played some games using them. She did do some chemistry but did get a bit stuck so I will sit with her today and run through it all. She is studying the iGCSE so sometimes the wording is a bit tricky to follow, but she did a good 45mins of it, and I am sure today will resolve the “mental block”. She did lots of reading too!

We had a big cycle ride in the afternoon about 8 miles all together(went to a friends house so the kids could play), so they were tired last night, but DD(8) still had to go to kickboxing :) in the evening.

Ooooo, I nearly forgot as well as a workshop on the solar system we are also doing some MayPole dancing :) , that will be on Wednesday.

Remember Friday I wanted to see some water?!? well look what I found about 30 mins from our house..


Time for seeds and the rest of the week

(photos from musical walk….)

Busy busy Tuesday…. so we did complete most of our projects.. cycled to the library and got LOTS of new books. DS(8) had cubs and they don’t finish till 8.15pm so quite late for a 8 year old, and of course the 5 year won’t sleep until he is home… So  most Wednesdays everyone is tired. DS(8) got two badges at cubs, one for cookery and the other martial arts. A few weeks ago he achieved his yellow belt in kickboxing so took it in and showed it off, we didn’t know he would get a badge for it!

Before cubs we all did SQUIT it is a music resource I have found on this ladies blog. A HomeEducating mum in the States. She does other cool stuff with lego and that is how I found her, but is also a music teacher and has put this resource together for free. We love it!

So what better to do when tired ”sow some seeds” :) We have planted, Runner beans, Broad beans, Kale, Carrots, Basil and Sugar pod peas… We already have lots of Salad Leaves growing, 3 big tubs!! and some garlic. Must remember to water them, I always find that helps :) I think I will allocate a child a day to gardening chores!

The boys where making polygon shapes on lego boards, which proved very difficult. And DS(12) was very excited to find out that St Peters Church (practically next to our house) is in the DomesDay book. We have permission from the vicar to film, and just to need sort out the logistics of the key, and she will start making the documentary. But that might not be this week or next, depends on the key.

On Wednesday after we had finished off projects that we had set at the beginning of the week, we went for a nice walk with a friend around a local lake and let the kids play.

Yesterday, DD(12) had a intensive piano and music theory session, as she is now preparing to sit her Grade 3 in December. She is also going to sit Grade 2 singing. DD(12) has decided that she really wants to do some of her iGCSEs now. So we have started Chemistry and ICT, probably also English Lit. With the plan to sit them next year. So after we had worked on them for a bit and the boys had finished their projects we went for a play. There is a musical walk in a woods near us……

In the evening DD(12) started her new Theatre group, she said it was great and really really loved it!

DD(12) will probably want to do some more iGCSE work this morning and the boys have a little more work to finish off this weeks projects, but all in all lots done this week.

This afternoon we are meeting Daddy and hoping to find water ( I have a need to look at water and some boats!)

Then the weekend (yipee!!), mostly to ourselves in the garden, although the kids have badminton and athletics clubs first thing on the Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend……


Poly = many


So we will do some more work with polygons today

DS(8) will do this and to be honest I will probably get DD(12) to have quick go to make sure she has really got it!! Same for this one.

There are lots more interactive shape games here, it is good to get a lot of practice. Good explanation here, if you are still struggling to get it! :)

Ok now onto, Polyhedrons (from the Greek: poly = many hedron = face). But before I start a little Language lesson on Poly… Would be rude not to :)

  • The Commonest of them is POLYTECHNIC School, 
  • Poliandry (the custom of having more than one husband at the same time), 
  • polyclinic (a medical Centre where both general doctors & specialists work), 
  • Polygamy ( The custom of having more than one wife at the same time), 
  • polyglot (knowing more than one language), 
  • polygon (a flat shape with more than 4 sides, let hope we know this!), 
  • polymer( a natural / artificial substance having larger molecules).

Other words with the prefix ‘poly’ are:
polyanthus, polycarbonate, polycotton, polyester, polyethylene, polygraph, polyhedron, polymath, , polymerize, polyphony, polymorphous, polyp, polypropylene, polyphony, polysemous, polysemy, polystyrene, polysyllable, polytheism, polythene, polytennel, poly-unsaturated fat, poly urethene, polyvalent etc etc.

I think we have got Poly now, so back to Polyhedrons. I am hoping we will also get time to do a little work on Euler’s Theorem, if not today then tomorrow.

They will all finish up their daffodil work from yesterday.

Mollie is starting her documentary today on our church, probably more of a research day, before filming starts.

DS(5) and DS(8) are going to have a lego shape challenge, more on that later.

We keep “reading logs” on the books they are reading, so we must remember to fill in our reading logs today! DD(12) is reading Ribbajack DD(8) is still loving Beast Quest and DD(5) loves Where is Wally books, and is reading his Biff books. To be honest mine LOVE books and we go to the library every Tuesday and get a PILE of books to read. So they read about 15 books a week! We only note down the main ones as there are too many. Oh, and don’t get me started on the audio books!! so many, a particular favourite is the children of the lamp, so good.

at the park

Our exercise today, will be cycling up to the library later on, so lets hope it doesn’t rain!

Enjoy your day!




Daffodils of course – The Sun is out :)

As our beautiful daffodils are finally out, we thought we would do a project on them

DS Daffodil (age 8)

DD Daffodil (age 12)

DS (age 5) made a space ship!! Obviously :)


We have a flower activity book from enchanted learning, for DS(8)  to do next. We are going to photograph our daffodils first, and play at the park.




DD (12) has a Spring Acrostic poem to complete. She is then identifying parts of a daffodil and filling in this worksheet, she will also be disecting a daffodil and examing it under a microscope following this, just looks fantastic, really great images, don’t you think?

DS(8) and DD(12) will also use this worksheet.

She will also be leading us in our photography.




DS (5) has a yellow themed colour page from enchanted learning here, also this writing worksheet.  He will also be joining in all our other activities.



We will be following this daffodil drawing tutorial, looks really good and the best one I have found. Each will be using this paper, to write out the most famous poem I know with daffodils in it :) They will have to use their best handwriting!

There are many more daffodils resources at activity village, mainly for younger ones, and DD (5) will be doing lots of them.

Our maths theme this week is polygons, there is loads of stuff out there and I will update you on more activities through the week but DD(12) is starting off with this to follow our flower theme. She loves drawing and the computer so should be a great activity for her! The ploygon song is fun too. This  also looks good there is part one and part two.

We are “hopefully” finishing up our darwin project this week, I will take some photos of their finished lapbooks.

DD (12) is making a documentary about our local church and DS (8) has more lego challenges!

So it is a busy week as usual but pretty fun :)

Since I have been making this post, they have made a video, no idea what it is about and it is  in the “editing” stage at the moment. Will upload it when they have finished editing.
UPDATED: here is the vid :) cute :)

Bye for now



Crabbing in the sun :)

Well in the UK we are finally having some nice weather. So of course we headed to the beach to lap it up a little.

and we did some crabbing… Have you done it before? Its great fun, although the bait is a bit gross!

We also had a play on the sand, this whole beach was stoney and they have now “made” it sandy :)



Its just so lovely going to the seaside, always makes you feel energised. We went back again as we had such a lovely day.

I thought we might do a “crabby” project this week to follow on from our crabbing fun!

Here are loads of crab and lobster activities, some of them look so cute! My eldest is looking forward to making this bean bag crab, its adorable and I have lots of split peas to use up, so perfect for the filling.

C is for crab – for little ones to colour and another here

Crab on-line jigsaw and a easy wordsearch

Crab anatomy worksheet

My daughter is then going to finish off with this

Happy Crabbing! :)



Renaissance – Joan of Arc

We have just started an enormous block of work on the renaissance.

We are starting with Joan of Arc.(Although the Renaissance came much later, Joan of Arc’s actions created a “rebirth” of France. She helped bring France out of the Dark Ages and become more civilised.)

TES Worksheet found here

A beautiful presentation of the story here, and lots of other stories too.

We have ordered this book and this book from Amazon


Joan of Arc activity book

The story for younger readers

We will write up on some notebooking pages, if you dont want to pay for these you can easily make them up yourself!

Using this site we will research Joan of Arc thoroughly, all aspects of her life, followed by some writing to sum up what we have learnt, and what areas we thought were most interesting and/or inspiring.

Look out for , Renaissance “Religious Movements”, coming soon


The 3 S’s – 2012-08-10

Science – Curiosity Mars Landing

You can learn all you need to learn about “curiosity” here, its a great website. Send curiosity a message, learn exactly how it works, read from the scientists diaries ! It is a really cool site. There is a interactive part too, where you can explore mars, my kids where on here for hours.

Of course you will now have to learn about mars in more detail. Kids Astronomy has some great facts and is a very good website. Another NASA website with some great interactive facts and games. Here are some really good Mars worksheets. This creating craters activity is fun too ! Also they have for the older children, a “making you own ISS” activity. On that note we were in the garden last night hoping to see some meteor showers, we didnt, but we did just by chance see the ISS going right over us, very very bright. If you want to know where it is, so you can see it too, go to, put in your location and then you can see where you need to look and when.

Annie over at Bird and little Bird, has a wonderful “alka seltzer rocket” in her Summer Science special of Alphabet Glue, she also has some great book recommendations. My 5 year old loved the rockets ( well we all did actually !), and the books :)

Here are some “space” decorations to make and decorate.

Social Science – Computers, where it all began

I know none of us want our children stuck behind computers all the time. Oh, yes there is a  BUT coming ;) But, you also need to be sure they have a good grounding and basic knowledge of them. I think a great way to do this is to teach them about the history of them, how it all started and why.

I was going to give you a big list of resources here so you can teach your children about the history of computers. You know what I found? The people at CERT had already done it! So lets save ourselves all that time and effort and go over to there:) Here is a fantastic list of resources, personally I think its important for us all to have a good understanding of the history behind computers. I also think that learning to make computers work and not just being taught how to be a user of computers is a important skill too, but we have a whole lot to come on that subject!

Seasonal – Swimming

Its great weather at the moment (well most of the time!). So lots of us will be swimming. Make sure you kids know how to keep safe. Just go over it again with them, you probably did this already when they were younger. But go over it again just to be sure, they know and really understand how to be safe in the water. Go here for some great tips.

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